Zuzu is the lawful good god of Sunlight. His domain includes a number of "good" actions and themes. Including

  • Justice
  • Crops
  • Time
  • Order
  • Truth
  • Equality
  • Punishment

Zuzu's followers are numerous and worshiped across the entire world of Znalezisko rather evenly. Priests often serve as mentors to common workers offering insight into their lives and their work. 

Zuzu is the brother to the goddess Lulu. He appeared in a seemingly empty space of existence shortly after Quatatalla began her record of reality along with his sister. the two began to explore their own truths after their forms had fully manifested. 

Zuzu was the first to strike in the Great Cataclysm. His disagreements with Elico turned violent and in a fit of purity, he attempted to envelop and absorb the greedy one. Elico proved to be as cleaver as he was a glutton however and escaped to the side of his "ally" No-Su-Ku.

At the end of The Great Cataclysm, when the stars were born into the material plane, Zuzu made his home in the void amongst them, seeing it as a proper place to oversee the events of the world below. Of all the gods he appears to be the most heavily focused on the events of the mortal world. 

 Zuzu works to this day to purge the world of its taint and restore the plenty that once existed. 


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