The Weaver

"As she slumbered she dreamed of a world, filled with beings who looked like her and of planes of existence outside of their comprehension, each with a being with supernatural powers who controlled it. She dreamed of monsters who tormented the people, and of heroes who, blessed by the extraplanar beings, took up arms to defend their brethren. It was a place full of pain and suffering, but also full of love and compassion. It wasn't perfect, but why should it be? 

And as she woke to her usually empty plane of existence, she found a fountain bubbling with glowing blue waters. She walked over to the fountain and sat on the edge. As she gazed into the bottomless swirling reservoir, she saw the world she had dreamt of far below the surface. She smiled softly and cupped a hand and submerged it into the waters, and when she brought it up she noticed a thousand glowing orbs quivering in her palm. She gently released them back into the fountain and watched as they floated down toward the celestial body, only to realize new orbs were floating from the planet up to the surface in an endless cycle. She smiled warmly, knowing that they were all her creation."

~ Testimonial from the true Cleric of The Weaver  Leileanna

The Weaver was the first being in existence. She created everything, including the other gods. 

Due to the fact that The Weaver only recently revealed her existence to the world, many believe she doesn't exist. And so, her followers are few and far between. Although she only takes one true clergy member, her devout followers still find themselves blessed with divine gifts. 

The Weaver

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