The Way of Three

The Way of Three is the predominant religion in the southern Gnomish Empire and is worshiped sporadically throughout The World That Was. 

The Way of Three is symbolized by three heads representing the three choices that all creatures can make. 

Lum's Head is the first head and represents the choice of community. It is associated with valor, kindness, justice, and good. This head is worshiped by government officials who are honest and true, the piteous, and any who wish to improve the world around them.

Jeb's Head is the second head and represents the choice of Self. Though it may seem to imply selfishness, this is not the way of Jeb's head. Jeb's head is the head that symbolizes one's choice for self-improvement or the individual out of society. Followers of Jeb's head are Artists, Acrobats, Athletes and those who seek Spiritual absolution. 

Gor's Head is the third head and represents the choice of force. Though some actions could be assumed to follow Gor's path, Gor does not condone reasonless violence, hate, murder, or other immoral actions. Gor's path is a path of defense and honor, for those who use their actions when words are not enough. Followers of Gor's head are generally Warriors, Gladiators, Activists, and those who require physical actions. 

The Way of Three

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