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Divine Pantheons

Gods of Fleora

  • The Weaver goddess of life
  • Abrazim god of crafing
  • Boccob god of magic
  • Corellon Larethian god of elves
  • Ehlonna goddess of the woodlands
  • Erythnul god of slaughter
  • Fharlanghn god of roads
  • Garl Glittergold god of gnomes
  • Gruumsh chief god of the orcs
  • Heironeous god of valor
  • Hextor god of tyranny
  • Hreth goddess of suffering
  • Kord god of strength
  • Moradin  god of dwarves
  • Nerull god of death
  • Obad-Hai god of nature
  • Olidammara  god of rogues
  • Pelor god of the sun
  • St. Cuthbert god of retribution
  • Vecna god of secrets
  • Wee Jas goddess of death and magic
  • Yondalla goddess of halflings
  • Yulia goddess of love

Gods of The World That Was

  • Zuzu the sun god
  • Pherris the nature god
  • Lulu the water goddess
  • Conarius the dueling god
  • Devilio the justice god
  • Hormic the moon god
  • Quatatalla the knowledge goddess
  • Balicil the enduring goddess
  • Yimirical the destruction goddess
  • No-so-ko the deceitful god
  • Mothfraka the carnal goddess
  • Elico the greedy god
  • Gwealyn Yawn god of subtle miracles  
  • The Way of Three

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