Conarius the Battle Born is the burly god of Dueling. His domain, however, extends to cover many other tenants including

  • Strength
  • Equality
  • Dueling
  • Brawls
  • Balance
  • Mercy
  • War 

Conarius is viewed as a Neutral god, with his tenants fitting within a strange gray zone that is open to interpretation. Conarius first appeared when Zuzu struck The First Blow against Mothfraka . Resonating with the hymn sung by Zuzu's blade Conarius was sung into existence. Though weak in his first form he battled both Zuzu and Mothfraka to a draw, his form building and growing with every blow struck. At the end of the battle, Conarius had tripled in size, baring deep scars and burning muscle that eclipsed the glory of even Zuzu. 

Conarius bears no ill will toward Zuzu or Mothfraka, and his appearance has been explained as Conarius viewing the battle as unjust. 


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