Under the Shadow of the World That Was

As I got off of the ship and stood there looking at this new and wondrous city, the friends I made on the voyage standing at my side, I knew this was where I belonged. Suddenly the force of something at my back knocked me off my feet. I rolled over to find a distraught halfling who had fallen out of a swirling purple vortex. He brought words of warning, then disappeared the way he'd come.

We tried to prepare for the army of vampires the halfling had told us was on the other side of the portal. But when the time came we saw no blood fiends. The portal expanded and in a pulse of arcane energy like I have never before seen a cloud fo deep purple fog consumed the open seas. Ever churning, boiling darkness. The Void. 

Over the next couple years, we had become accustomed to it. We still had our void free trade routes between continents. The occasional void beast would swim into our waters, but they couldn't survive outside of the mist. Any explorers brave enough to enter the void never returned. That is until the insane Captain Shrike. 

He found the key to sailing the treacherous haze. The Voidborn, a living relic of the void itself. Captain Shrike made the Voidborn his first mate, and they sailed their ship, the Maelstrom Siren, headlong into the void, becoming the first void pirates. 

Soon others learned the secret of using a void pilot to navigate the void and it was learned that there was a whole world surviving within the mists. Trade opened with the newly found land masses and we learned of the tales of their world. It was once much like ours but was shattered the open portal to our world had caused it to collide with our world during the explosion, giving birth to the void. 

Then a miracle happened. Captain Shrike lead an assault against the heart of the void. They managed to defeat it and the void cleared leaving the land masses floating above the surface of out world. Leaving us living under islands in the sky. Under the shadow of the world that was. 

Under The Shadow Of The World That Was